The “Jamaicans to the World” docuseries recently celebrated reaching its 100-Episode Milestone. The series which started in August 2019 explores the experiences of expatriate Jamaicans in a different country each week by asking them, “What is it like to live ‘there’ as a Jamaican?”.  The “Jamaicans to the World” docuseries was created and hosted by Xavier Murphy, founder of the platform. 

Online viewers have shown they can’t get enough of the popular series as it has received over 4.6 million views combined on Facebook and YouTube – to date.The docuseries uses personal interviews with Jamaicans who have chosen to live overseas and provides others who are considering similar moves an opportunity to benefit from the experiences of those who have gone before them. The information included in the interviews is also useful for those planning a visit overseas, as the Jamaicans interviewed generously share their recommendations about the best foods to sample and not-to-be-missed sites to see. The interviews do not shy away from addressing more serious matters, such as racism, perceptions of Jamaicans overseas, and the challenges of moving to a country with an unfamiliar culture. The expatriate Jamaicans also discuss the cost of living in their new countries and offer tips about the best ways to adjust to an unfamiliar environment.Comments on social media reflect the enthusiasm viewers have for the series, writing, “Wonderful series, Xavier. Congrats. You can revisit some of these places and interview other Jamaicans who will have other experiences of their own. Look forward to viewing more interviews,” and “Thank you Xavier and your special guests for making it possible to see the wonderful world through Jamaicans living in different parts of the world. I love this channel and it’s really a great feeling to have watched many of the 100 episodes. Big up Xavier,” and “Congrats, Xavier! Great job! I watch weekly and have seen every interview. I feel as if I know some of your subscribers personally because I see their names on the ‘Comments’ every week. It’s almost like we’re “family” watching you, Xavier. Keep up the great work!”To commemorate the 100 episodes with the 100th country, Murphy recorded a special recap video – “9 Things I Have Learned from “Jamaicans To The World” – in which he shared some of what he learned from his conversations with Jamaicans living in 100 different countries around the world.What he discovered is that Jamaicans are truly global thinkers who believe the world is theirs to explore and discover. Jamaicans are confident, and everywhere they go, they seem to “just bubble to the top.” Given the opportunity, they will start businesses, move into great management positions, and succeed. Jamaicans are adaptable and resourceful, no matter what the climate or the cultural conditions, they just adapt, adjust, and do what they have to do to live in their new country. Jamaicans not only adapt, but they enjoy exploring new cultures; they are not afraid to step out and explore new foods and new experiences. The Jamaican culture and food “travels.” Having a Jamaican passport is almost like having a “royal” passport. They get free things and “royal treatment.” They take their food with them; some try to plant akee or mango trees to see if they will grow in the new country. They share the music and food of Jamaica with friends and family in the new country.
Murphy also found that people from Clarendon parish in Jamaica seem to be very adventurous as the majority of people he interviewed have come from Clarendon. Also, Jamaican expatriates were well-traveled before they made their move into a new country, and the understanding and experience they had before the move seem to help them adjust. Jamaicans love to travel. When asked what they miss most, nearly all the interviewees say Jamaican patties and Jamaican KFC. There is nothing like a Jamaican patty, they say, and nothing like Jamaican KFC. Jamaicans want to make connections with other Jamaicans around the world, and people ask Murphy if he can connect them with someone when they travel abroad. Some even want to connect with those interviewed in the series. People always feel more comfortable traveling overseas if they can “link with another yardie and find out how things are,” Murphy shared.So far, Murphy has spoken with Jamaicans living in the following 100 countries: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bali, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Botswana, Brazil, Cameroon, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, Ethiopia, Finland, France, French Guyana, Georgia in Europe, Germany, Ghana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guinea Bissau, Guyana, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Liberia, Macau, Malawi, Mallorca (Majorca), Malta, Mexico, Montserrat, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Newfoundland and Labrador, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Nunavut, Oman, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, Saipan, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Gambia, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, UAE, Uganda, Ukraine, US Virgin Islands, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Wales, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.Murphy said he is humbled and honored to have hosted the series and is looking forward to the next 100 episodes.

Caribbean Shopper Gift Box

2022 represents the 60th year that the small island nation of Jamaica has been impacting the world in a powerful way that belies its size. Reggae music represents the most powerful creative output from Jamaica. The music form has not only entertained but influenced people worldwide. Caribshopper is the first major tech-driven online shopping destination to solely focus on economic growth in the Caribbean region. With hundreds of Jamaican merchants on the online portal Caribshopper brings Jamaica in all facets to the world.

The Ministry of Culture is utilizing the Reggae Jamaica App to direct traffic to Jamaica 60 licensed merchandise available through Caribshopper. This partnership allows those who love Jamaica, the Jamaican culture, and Jamaican products the opportunity to celebrate Jamaica 60 in a powerful and tangible way far and wide for an entire year.

The Caribshopper online platform facilitates merchant transactions for Caribbean businesses. Caribshopper is collaborating with the Jamaica Ministry of Culture as the Official Online Retailer of all Jamaica 60 licensed merchandise throughout the 60th Anniversary celebrations slated to take place through July 2023. The various retailers will have their Jamaica 60 licensed merchandise visible in their store on Caribshopper and Caribshopper will curate the experience with an online catalogue of Jamaica 60 merchandise. Go to and then to your app store & download the Jamaica Reggae App to partake of the year long celebrations of Jamaica 60 whether in Jamaica or abroad!

The Reggae Jamaica App is available for download via the App Store or Google Play Store, it is regularly updated with upcoming events and celebrations for the entire Diamond Jubilee period. It is the best source of information for what is happening globally, with regards to Jamaica 60. In keeping with its position, we’ve decided to use the App to allow everyone interested in Officially Licensed Jamaica 60 merchandise, to be able to see it, and they will be able to click through and make their purchases on Caribshopper, without having to exit the app. This is to make it easier for our Jamaica 60 licensees to make sales, and to reduce the time and clicks it takes the consumer to find and get to what they’re looking for and wanting to purchase.

Caribshopper is committed to helping Caribbean-owned brands grow by providing a marketplace where customers abroad can connect with a taste of “home”, creating a community that celebrates and brings Caribbean culture closer. Caribshopper currently ships to the US and Canada only. More countries are coming soon!

For more information, visit,, and the Reggae Jamaica App.

Caribshopper Brings the Islands Straight to Momentum, NY! 

Members of the Caribbean diaspora living in the United States can authentically celebrate National Caribbean-American Heritage Month with products available at But for the Caribbean Massive residing in and around New York, there’s a unique opportunity this weekend as Caribshopper gears up to showcase select products at Carib Biz Network’s, Momentum.

As the first business and cultural exposition to celebrate Caribbean culture and entrepreneurship on US soil, Momentum supports small companies led by Caribbean-American entrepreneurs, including Caribshopper.

Now the leading online marketplace for authentic Caribbean-made products, Caribshopper bridges the gap between the Caribbean community at home in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and those abroad. With more than 450 businesses and over 6,500 products listed on their site, patrons are sure to find the piece of home they’ve been missing, just in time to close out this particular month of culture! 

In support of Carib Biz Network’s effort to celebrate the incredible power of Caribbean businesses and create impact, Caribshopper partnered for this year’s staging of Momentum, bringing nine vendors from the islands to participate. Get ready to enjoy the iconic Caribbean flavor, get all-natural wellness products, and show off the islands’ beauty with some customer-favorite brands. 

“Partnering with Carib Biz Network for Momentum was a no-brainer as our visions are so well aligned. As a Caribbean native, I always jump at a chance to celebrate the culture and beauty of my home island. My desire to share that experience with others living in the diaspora birthed Caribshopper,” notes Kadion Preston, Carishopper’s CEO and Founder.

Preston is also set to speak during this pioneering weekend, featuring incredible Caribbean Speakers, CEOs, Creators, a Vendor Marketplace, and cultural entertainment. Entrepreneurs and creatives especially will benefit from his panel discussion, WALK LIKE A CHAMPION: The Cost to Be Ah Boss.

“Since its inception, our marketplace has made it easier for people living in North America to get authentic treats from Jamaica and Trinidad. Our business model includes direct-to-door shipping, so this is an exciting opportunity for customers to touch, taste and enjoy our amazing products in real-time. We look forward to interacting with our loyal customers in New York and meeting new ones while giving our merchants a chance to tell their brand stories in person.” 

Household names like Sangster’s Coffee from Jamaica and Trinidad’s Grace Farms Cocoa Products will have samples to share with patrons and passersby at CityPoint in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. 

Other featured merchants, including Perfect Peppers, Galt & Maree LLC, RaggaNats, Wise Buy Royalty, AWF&ON, non-profit Mustard Seed Communities, and Jamwest Farms, are set to bring the Caribbean energy and flair with unique, authentic products made on the islands. 

Caribshopper features thousands of products in the categories: Food & Drink, Beauty & Wellness, Home & Living, Jewelry, Apparel, and Paper & Novelty. Customers can shop in their local currency, with all duties and taxes included at checkout for a seamless experience. They also benefit from five-day shipping, free shipping on select orders, a dedicated customer support line for queries and concerns, and 15% off first orders for new customers.

For more information on Caribshopper, visit their website at or check them out on all major social media platforms @caribshopper.

Oliver Mair Jamaica’s Consul General in Miami over the South Eastern USA

 Through the initiative of the Consul General in Miami, Mr. Oliver Mair, and as a part of the ongoing Jamaica 60th celebrations, Jamaicans in Florida and the southern states of the USA will be able to “have fun and do good” while celebrating the best of Jamaica’s Jerk Foods, Music and culture, in Palm Beach, Lake Worth at the John Prince Park on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30

The efforts of Consul General Mair have brought the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s subsidiary, the Jamaica Social Stock Exchange (JSSE) into a collaboration with the annual Florida Jerk Festival. The Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Dr. Marlene Street Forrest, noted that “it’s through events like this that all parties strengthen their respective brands while solving a social need in Jamaica”

Founder and Organizer of the annual festival, Mr. Damian Tater is anticipating that this year’s festival will supersede the previous years’ in light of the fact that no festival was held during the pandemic. 

Through his effort, this year’s festival will pay tribute to the birthplace of Reggae Music, Trench Town, Jamaica’s most famous cultural community from which its Reggae genre emerged with the rise to fame of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh & Bunny Wailer; along with the many other icons before and after them who trace their early roots in that special community.  

Consul General Mair, in seeking to assist the efforts of Dr. Henley Morgan, social entrepreneur and Founder of Agency for Innercity Renewal, who also happens to be his former Tutor, shared with Mr. Tater the JaMIN Music Entrepreneurship proposal which requires JMD$6M in funding through the Jamaica Social Stock Exchange (JSSE). The Consul General is on record saying “I am happy to facilitate this partnership. I consider myself to be a strong advocate for our reggae music and I believe this project will go a far way in improving the opportunities for young and upcoming artistes to get additional support, in the JaMIN studio”.

The project having been selected for the Training of marginalized young men and women in Music Entrepreneurship, with the objective of giving them hope and a career path in the music industry, impressed Tater who through his Full- A -Vybez Inc. has decided to support the JSSE.

Towards the project’s needed funds, he will donate US$1 from every ticket sold for the event on Memorial Day and has committed to replicate this gesture at his next Jerk Festival slated to be held in Orlando in October 2022.

Miss Nora Blake, the manager of JSSE said that “this gesture is one of the most noble, with its intent of giving back for the development of Jamaica by empowering marginalized youths in the inner cities of our beloved Jamaica. She further stated that “our hope now is that this effort will inspire replication at the hundreds of Food and Music Festivals held in Jamaica and its Diaspora across the globe”.

Yvette N. HarrisHarris Public

Jerk has always been an integral part of the Caribbean as far back as documented history has allowed. Jerk enhanced the taste of food and preserved the food that allowed for the health and survival of Africans and Aboriginal people in the Caribbean. Therefore, the annual celebration of such an iconic part of Caribbean history is consequential. 

The Florida Jerk Festival provides the opportunity for such a celebration. On Monday, May 30, 2022, the event will be from 3 PM to 11 PM at John Prince Park (2700 6th Ave S, Lake Worth Beach, FL 3346).

The festival has been rebranded as the Florida Jerk Festival, and it is a combination of the Palm Beach and Orlando Jerk Festivals. The event promises to be just as entertaining, fun, and delicious as both Jerk festivals have been over the years. Patrons will have the opportunity to taste all the ingredients that come with a Jerked food item. The mixture of pimento, scotch bonnet, scallion, cayenne pepper, thyme, and others will bring taste buds on a thrilling journey. 

This year promises to be an amazing event. This is the 2nd Florida Jerk Festival since the pandemic. Last year saw the likes of international superstar Shaggy and the turnouts of roughly 10,000 people. This year we will have dancehall powerhouse Cham, renowned entertainer Ding Dong, with the energy of Soca sensation Destra Garcia, and Jamaica’s legendary and premiere Reggae and Soca show band Fab 5! 

The Florida Jerk Festival encompasses  top entertainment representing different parts of Caribbean culture and food that represents the best of the Caribbean.

 The Florida Jerk Festival offers an interactive kid’s zone so the whole family can enjoy free food samples, the Jerk Cook-Off competition, a Cabana service for patrons to relax in while enjoying the event, and much more. 

According to Damian Tater, CEO of Full-A -Vybez Ent, producers of the Florida Jerk Festival, there will be a plethora of things to enjoy, even Jerk Ice Cream! “When it comes to the Jerk Festival, it’s all about experiencing different food that can be jerked! That’s why we are encouraging everybody to come out to experience different and great tasting food that we have on display….. Jerk Ice Cream is one of them.” In addition, Tater shares that VIPs will also receive an exclusive & exclusive menu that includes even Jerk lobster. Tater promises variety, diversity, and unique dishes not generally seen at Jerk Festivals.

Growing from the Palm Beach and Orlando Festivals to becoming the Florida Jerk Festival, the event has spanned 19 years in total and has grown from strength to strength. Tater shares that “it has been a long 19 years, and we have survived this through determination and hunger. Unfortunately, we are not really getting much support from corporate, but we believe in our brand, and we’re working so hard to push through and deliver a powerful festival brand.

One of the co-hosts, Charmain Fenton, shares that she “believes the Festival gives a lot of brand exposure and highlights the Caribbean countries represented by vendors from all over the Caribbean who participate.” 

Nicky Gelin, a co-host for the Jerk-Off competition, commented on the reason for the longevity and success of the Jerk Festival. Gelin stated that “food is therapy for the soul, and adding “jerk” elevates it to another level. The food also brings the community together.”

Tater promised that “everybody who attends the event between 3:00 and 5:00 PM gets to sample free jerk items and free whiskey samples, so just come out! You don’t want to miss it! Kids under 12 are free, so you have no excuse! On Memorial Day, there is no work, Nuff Jerk! So come for the food and stay for the fun!”

For more information on the Florida Jerk Festival and to purchase tickets, visit

Jamaica 🇯🇲 twins Super track stars win the U – 20 girls 100 metre race at the Carifta Games taking Gold & Silver while Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹 takes bronze. 

  1. Jamaica 🇯🇲 Tina Clayton 11.22
  2. Jamaica 🇯🇲 Tia Clayton 11.30
  3. Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹 Shaniqua Bascombe

The Caribbean continues to show that it is a formidable source of athletic talent.

400m Olympic Champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo 🇧🇸  wins the world indoor title in women’s 400m with a leading mark of 50.31s. This is the 2nd world indoor medal for Miller Uibo. The first was in 2014

Femke Bol was 2nd with  (50.57s) 

Stephanie Ann McPherson of Jamaica was 3rd in (50.79s)

 Trinidad and Tobago-born, acclaimed Architect Mark Raymond Joins The Dialogue For Development At The Museums Association Of The Caribbean Conference. 

Washington DC-(September 27, 2021)— As the world continues to grapple with the effects of Covid-19 and countries and industries attempt to pivot, in a bid to regain some semblance of normalcy, the Caribbean region, too, is effectively and strategically embarking on hosting meaningful dialogue. On November 3, 2021, Trinidad and Tobago-born architect and educator Mark Raymond joins a distinguished group of Caribbean museum professionals to provide the keynote to discuss cultivating resiliency and what it means during a global health crisis. Though virtual, this year’s Museums Association of the Caribbean Conference(MAC) will see Raymond connect with intellectuals from over 15 Caribbean countries as they weigh in on MAC’s theme of “Cultivating Resilience in Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites.” His experience and knowledge in a wide range of areas related to architectural education, in addition to his intellectual capabilities as a lecturer in the field, position Raymond astutely within this meeting of like minds. Raymond is the current Director of the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Attendees can register for the conference at

As the keynote speaker, Raymond will delve into the role that Caribbean museums and architecture can play in helping the world responsively engage its past, embrace its unprecedented contemporary struggles and imagine its future. The theme of his address, “Soon Come: Anticipating Memory,” will hear London’s Architectural Association graduate commence the three-day annual conference and general meeting, delivering what will undoubtedly be a keynote address that promises to be as engaging as it will be thought-provoking. “The Caribbean is central to my own life, my work, and my research, and I’m looking forward to sharing my reflections on the intersection between my own practice as a Caribbean architect and educator and the theme of the conference, and certainly the work of the MAC community,” said Raymond. Admitting that he personally feels this is a particularly important moment in time, considering the global pandemic, climate change, and political upheaval around the world, Raymond explained that these occurrences all represent a radical transformation from a very particular, universalized and centralized, and seemingly now-discredited view of the world. “Culture, creative practice, and curatorial practice all play a critical role at this moment, and as we collectively hold the present and try and imagine and speculate upon a resilient future, it is critical that we learn from and reassess what has come before,” he noted. 

Raymond looks to share his vast knowledge, highlighting his view of architecture’s influence on Caribbean culture and vice versa. “The project of the museum is an active site and nexus for such reflection and is also a perennial and enduring theme for architecture both typologically and metaphorically. The cultivation of resilience in relation to both the idea of the museum and the wider landscape is a critical conversation,” he explained. 

Those attending this year’s event are certainly in for an awakening of sorts, as they’ll likely walk away with concepts that remind them of the connection each individual and their professions have in molding the cultural landscape we all share. “It’s important to step outside of what we do every day and reflect on how and why we do what we do. I hope that people will be reminded that while we toil away every day in our roles, carrying out our personal, familial, and societal responsibilities, we can easily lose sight of the value, intention, and relevance of our work and how all of our activities, directly and indirectly, contribute to the formulation of culture,” he said.

Between November 3rd and 5th, the virtual atmosphere in the Caribbean will be abuzz with excitement and engagement as this collective Caribbean view is presented and discussed, intimately experienced, with even a virtual museum tour of cultural heritage spaces in The Bahamas carded to take place. As someone who has worked on architectural and urban design projects throughout the Caribbean, the Trinidad and Tobago native says he is thrilled to be part of this particular meeting and expects that it will bring about significant change in its aftermath. “I recently relocated to South Africa as Director of the Graduate School of Architecture. I’m immersed in the process of absorbing and learning about – and also learning from – an extraordinary city of cultural confluences – Johannesburg,” explained Raymond, adding, “We often reference European or North America when modeling culture, but having spent most of my life working within Caribbean culture, my experience in South Africa has allowed me a view of the Caribbean from outside. I find myself every day, being reminded of differences between the culture in South Africa and the Caribbean culture.” 

Raymond said he is often reminded of the depth and richness of Caribbean culture and society, explaining that Caribbean intellectuals’ collective knowledge of Caribbean history, literature, art, architecture, of Caribbean cities, landscapes, and people, constitutes an extraordinary corpus of dynamic and valuable knowledge that simply cannot be ignored. 


About Mark Raymond

Mark Raymond is an architect and educator. He has worked on architectural and urban design projects throughout the Caribbean and has also been actively involved with architectural education, lecturing, and teaching at institutions globally. A graduate of the Architectural Association in London, Mark obtained his Ph.D. through RMIT’s invitational creative practice-based research program and is currently the Director of the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. Current research interests address the engagement of design pedagogy and practice in processes of transformation and social justice.

About Museums Association Of The Caribbean

MAC was formed in 1987 to allow museums and related organizations and societies in the Caribbean to share experiences and skills. Recognizing the importance of museums as centers of conservation and preservation of natural and cultural patrimony and our common heritage, as well as the vital role which museums play in the conservation, education systems, scientific research, and tourism of Caribbean States, the Association established the following objectives:

-To develop a common policy to the role of museums and cultural institutions with similar practices on exhibitions, conservation, preservation, legislation, and regulations for the interpretation and protection of national patrimony.

-To act as an advisory board to governments and public and private institutions on matters pertaining to museum development.

– To identify technical and financial resources at national, regional, and international levels and to share information on needs and sources of assistance.

– To serve as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas to create a framework for ongoing communication on a regional basis through annual meetings, publications, museum exchanges, and programs.

– To develop links with international and other regional and national museum-related organizations and agencies.

-To strengthen museums so that they may foster and promote an awareness, appreciation, and understanding of our heritage through education and related programs.

2021 MAC Sponsors

Collectivité Territoriale de Martinique, National Museum Bermuda, UWI Museum, National Gallery of the Bahamas, Central Bank of the Bahamas, National Museum African American History Culture, National Gallery of the Cayman Islands,

Registration for the conference –

Follow on social media. 



Miami, FL, USA June 2021

David Mullings the innovative & charismatic CEO of the Miami Based Blue Mahoe Capital ( and Xavier Murphy the outgoing founder of the most popular Jamaican website on the internet have been named with others as the champions of the Jamaican Diaspora for 2021. The champions who have been voted by members from the millions of those in the Diaspora, are very deserving of this title

After hundreds of nominations and thousands of votes, the Nominees with the most votes by sector were awarded and twelve have emerged as the Jamaica Diaspora Champions 2021:

  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion in Agriculture and Climate Resilience is Yaad Market, founded by Steve Mcdonald.
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion in Art and Culture is Miramar Commissioner, Alexandra P. Davis
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion in Community Development is Keri-Ann Knight
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion Community Development Organization is the Association of Jamaican Nationals in France, accepted by current President, Oneil Madden
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion in Education is Dr. Beverly E Rowe-Mullings
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion Alumni Association is Immaculate Conception High School Alumnae Association – NY Chapter, accepted by current President, Karen Wilson-Robinson
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion in Faith Based Leadership is Bishop Michael A. Hutchinson
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion in  Health and Mental Health is Sylvanus Thompson
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion in  Legal Sector Support and Immigration is Latangie A. William
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion in  Media is Xavier Murphy
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion in  Technology and Entrepreneurship is David P. A. Mullings
  • The Jamaica Diaspora Champion in  Taskforce Leadership is Dr. Beverly Gordon

It was very competitive, in many cases only a handful of votes separated the winners. Special mention to those who also received the second-highest number of votes:  Trees That Feed Foundation, Susan “Dr Sue” Davis, Dr. Binzie Roy Davidson, Michelle McKenzie-Dolly and Charles Matthews Jr. as well as the remaining 60 final nominees.  The profiles of the winners and all honorably mentioned nominees can be viewed on

The Jamaica Diaspora and Friends Champion Awards (JDAFCA) is the first global and virtual Jamaica Diaspora peer award with completely open and online nominations and voting. It was created to recognize individuals, organizations, and friends in the Diaspora who make exceptional contributions to the development of Jamaica. JDAFCA was launched in 2017 at the 7th Biennial Diaspora Conference and honors hardworking volunteers, all those unsung heroes, who give freely in service to the growth of Jamaica’s national development, Her culture, economy, people, and communities.

JDAFCA Sponsor, GraceKennedy Group, extended congratulations to the winners. Senator Don Wehby, Group Chief Executive Officer stated “GraceKennedy is a proud supporter of the Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network and sponsor of the Jamaica Diaspora and Friends Champion Awards (JDAFCA). We are happy to know that notwithstanding the challenges which continue to be presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the JDTAN has found new ways to continue its important work to recognize individuals and organizations in the Diaspora and friends of Jamaica who make exceptional contributions to the development of our country. Congratulations to all the JDAFCA nominees for the amazing work you are doing in this regard, and for everything you do for Jamaica, land we love. I encourage all Jamaicans overseas to become Diaspora Champions in their own right, by doing what you can to help our country rebuild coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

JDTAN Chairman, Leo Gilling, added, “Congratulations to all the Champions! JDTAN’s aim was to present an award to the Diaspora, in which no one person or committee but the community, the general public nominates and votes for those candidates based on their accomplishments in Jamaica, their community, and across the Diaspora. I am encouraged by the massive response during the nomination and voting process. Thank you for supporting these Champions and making JDAFCA a success.”

Kimone Gooden, JDAFCA Chair and JDTAN Operations Officer commented: “The 2021 Jamaica Diaspora Champions are a true example of service and commitment to our beloved homeland. I am blown away by the work of all the nominees as well as the winners. They are great models of the extraordinary work that ordinary Jamaicans do in service to Jamaica every day. They are  truly inspiring.”  She also thanked sponsors: Grace Kennedy, Union of Jamaican Alumni Association (UJAA), Fanger Law Firm, Compass Consulting and Training Solutions, and Media Partners:  Dervan Malcolm, host of Diaspora Live Online on Power 106,  South Florida Caribbean News,, Caribbean National Weekly News and Carib Press. With special thanks to the JDAFCA Awards Committee for all their hard work behind the scenes: Event Chair, Tashaka Wynter as well as Antonette Brown, Rachel Dolcine, Karlene Largie, Roymane Robinson, and Lesleyann Samuel.

The public can watch the Jamaica Diaspora Champions 2021 accept their awards on Diaspora Day, Wednesday, June 16 at 7 PM US ET on’s Facebook page: @onelovejamaica. The virtual awards presentation will include Master of Ceremonies, Professor Neville Ying; a stalwart in the Jamaica Diaspora Movement, and the first Jamaica Diaspora Champion. As well as entertainment by Papa Michigan and Dr. Sue. The replay of the virtual ceremony will also be available on along with the profiles of the Champions and all the final Nominees.

The Jamaica Diaspora and Friends Champion Awards (JDAFCA) is presented by the Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network (JDTAN.) JDTAN is a network of sectoral focused Taskforces with members across 23 countries. Taskforces have been operating for the past seven years as a collaborative approach to engage and mobilize the Diaspora to join forces and support Jamaica’s national development.

  • Hosted by RealVibez

Miami, FLORIDA – Caribbean content remains one of the most sought after globally yet remains largely untapped. That is the basis by which, RealVibez, the entertainment subsidiary of Blue Mahoe Capital, will launch its inaugural online Film Festival, to take place this August.

A move that can be described as innovative in keeping with its parent company Blue Mahoe Capital; RealVibez in a pioneering move, will hand hold Caribbean filmmakers to create a series of sport/entertainment films geared at bringing additional global attention to the region.

The novelty of placing characters in stories flying/sailing to the Caribbean for a vacation will now have its own real-life imagery and scenes with its own talent showcased to the world.

Already known for globally successful athletes (in several sporting disciplines), artistes and artists; “film can become a source of excellence from Tropical Paradise,” according to Carole Beckford, SVP, Blue Mahoe Capital.

The former Film Commissioner of Jamaica thinks the timing is right as with the current pandemic, creatives have been bursting at the seams with great ideas. “Now is the time to bring the filmmakers out,” she noted.

The online festival will showcase:

  • A reception
  • Film screenings
  • Panel Discussions
  • Awards Ceremony
  • B2B meetings with Film and Content Officials for additional exposure and distribution or even further development of films

The RealVibez team will announce, as part of its planning and implementation

  • An Ambassador for the Festival
  • An Advisory Team
  • An organizing committee
  • And closer to the actual festival, a panel of judges

The festival is slated for the last week in August to close with the Awards ceremony on Friday, August 27.

Early entries are set to be in by Friday, July 30. Application fees start at US$50. Films should not be more than 11 minutes or less than seven minutes. The storyline should be placed in the Caribbean in the areas of sport and/or entertainment to include music, dance, theatre, art or publishing. 


  1. Feature
  2. Documentary
  3. Narration
  4. Musical

Stories could be Fiction or Non-Fiction

Films must be produced, directed, edited, or written by a Caribbean national living on any of the islands/countries. The production teams may include ONLY one other Caribbean national based outside of the region. Films submitted, may only have been entered in one other film festival within no further back than August 31, 2019.

If there is a film in another language, they must have English subtitles or dubbed in English. At least one member of the team will be required to participate in an online Festival to be hosted by RealVibez.

More information to be gleaned at