Taking Care of Yourself – Building Up Yourselves

Posted: 28/07/2010 in Current Affairs, Inspirational

Taking Care of Yourself – Building Up Yourselves (JUDE 1:20)

Listen: ‘ A woman came to Him having an alabastrar flask of very costly fragrant oil, and she poured it on His head…..But when his disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, ‘Why this waste?’…when Jesus was aware of it, He Said…”She has done a good work…” (Matthew 26: 7 – 10 NKJ)

Try to Learn from Jesus! Allow the oil of service you pour on others to be poured on you otherwise you will burn out. This isn’t a licence for self-indulgence but rather a call to do what needs to be done to restore our depleted energy and exhausted spirit. You’ll never reach your highest potential if you don’t.

Furthwrmore, people usually treat you like you treat yourself. So start treating yourself better! It’s good to serve others, but too many of us are hiding behind serving others to avoid having to serve ourselves, or because we don’t know how.

How can you fulfil the command to ‘love your neighbour as yourself,’ if you haven’t a clue how to love and take care of yourself?

Too many of us become secretly resentful of the endless responsibilities dumped on us each day, while seeming no one takes time to give back.  Ultimately you have to make deposits where the world you live in seems to make endless withdrawals, or else face insufficient funds. Pretty soon those checks are bouncing everywhere: morally, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually. Who’ll give back to you, if not you?

So, the word for you today is: ‘Allow the oil you pour on others to be poured on you!’

Read II Chronicles 14: 2-7

Taken From The Word For Today Caribbean Edition


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