When A Woman Decides to Be Your Partner

Posted: 21/04/2011 in Caribbean, Family, Inspirational, Love
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When a woman decides to be your partner you must realize & respect the power that is created in that moment, a power that is transformative. This power must be embraced and harnessed by both for it will become the fuel that allows this new partnership, or union, to achieve their greatest dreams. That power grows with love.
  1. Thank you!God bless your unity!Beautiful!


  2. Cool words Kaya!


  3. Kaya says:

    Life and Love are about growth and development. Stagnation is the equivalent of death. Without growth there is no adaptability, no room for development, which is the one constant in life, love and nature. Anything that is stagnant and cannot evolve will perish-even relationships .


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