Caribbean Youth Show that Dreams Can Become Reality

Posted: 27/04/2011 in Caribbean, Current Affairs, Inspirational, Sports

(All spelling is in English which in a few cases is different than the American spelling)

Caribbean athletes doing their best at 2011 Carifta Games

In every industry, sport, field or area of endeavour persons dream of being among the best, and a lot of times people automatically believe that they cannot achieve such goals, so they end up not trying. Well I just witnessed some feats of human athleticism that would suggest that all is possible. Over the long Easter weekend I was blessed to witness segments of the 2011 staging of the 40th annual Carifta Games where high school teenagers from across the Caribbean competed against each other while representing their respective countries in Track & Field. Athletes ranging from the ages of 13 thru 17 put their best efforts forward with amazing results.
Youth from countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada, Guadeloupe and several other Caribbean nations ran, jumped, hurdled, threw and did all types of athletic activities right into the history books. Records were falling left, right and centre. The records that fell were mainly records originally made by athletes who were at the same age group as these current participants. Although the Jamaican athletes dominated the games, the competition was only milliseconds or centimetres off of the marks set by the winners.
All of this is amazing, however what really hit me was that the records were so close to the World Records. Not only have these youth attained the best on in their own field of endeavour they are close to the best on the next level. The only thing all these youth have in common is the region they come from (the Caribbean), the age group they are in and the hard work they put in. They came from different walks of life, different countries and different cultures, yet they rose to the top.
In witnessing this we should feel empowered in being able to achieve whatever those who are seen as the top of our respective fields of endeavour. Clearly from the example set by these young athletes, preparation, knowledge of your craft, hard work, practice, dedication and a belief in self are all factors that help to bring about success. I think no matter what stage of life we are in we can look at these athletes and be reminded that we can achieve our goals, that we can attain our dreams.
Jason Walker

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  1. Maria says:

    What a wonderfully encouraging and well written piece!
    Very empowering and thought provoking.


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