On A Mission” the  Jamaica 50 Song produced by Shaggy and performed by Shaggy, Chevelle Franklin, Damian Marley, Beres Hammond, Romain Virgo, Tarus Riley, Wayne Marshall, Assasin and Tessanne Chin in order to promote JAMAICA 50

Please give us your thoughts on the song

  1. Just what honestly influenced u to create “JAMAICA 50 SONG
    ON A MISSION – YOUR THOUGHTS Jason Skywalker’s Blog”? I reallycertainly loved it! Thanks for the post ,Milagros

    you are invited to my JAMAICA NATIONAL GOSPEL CONCERT 2013


  3. owen says:

    The song is ok, as song. Anyway you take it picking a song would be a difficult task. It would be interesting to be a fly on the walk when the decision to make a new song was being penned.

  4. There is nothing about this song that is memorable or will stand the test of time. It does not come close to the worst of any of our Festival Song winners nor to many of the runner up like Janie an Har Sista. Its like the GG getting stuck on the first line of a throne speech. We need to commission Toots,Eric Donaldson and Lovindeer to compose a Jamaica 50 song and I bet it would be as memorable as Bam Bam and Cherry Oh Baby and as entertaining and funny as GILBERT.

  5. Wow! I actually agree with the above sentiments. Back when the Reggae Boyz were killing the World Cup in 98′, Thant song, “Rise Up” garnered more of that proud unified feeling referred to above, in comparison to this song. How about they just re-release/promote “Rise Up” and call it a day! lol.

  6. Jwalker says:

    Does’nt invoke a special feeling of the occasion, feels more like just another well put together reggae song.

  7. Shelly says:

    Love all the performers in this song. The song, not so much. I feel as if it isn’t very reggaeish 🙂 and not really representative of Jamaica 50.

    • I agree that the Reggae or even Jamaica music value is low. A Radio announcer said doing this was enabling the marketing of the song to different communities around the world. There was another song submitted that had Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Dancehall prominently in the song.

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