About Jason SkyWalker

Buju Banton & Jason SkyWalker

Patriot, Jamaican, Caribbean, Pan African, Humanist, Radio Personality, DJ. I am a over 20 year Journalist for Caribbean Today Magazine, WRFG Radio, Cross Over Media and several media outlets in the Caribbean and the US.

  1. Linda walker says:

    Thank you !


  2. All is we just wanted to connect with you all to go to rehearsal. She fell asleep at my friends.


  3. Hey hit me via email re: Nya. Thanks


  4. Amenta says:

    Yes, too bad Buju is getting this much time. No, he did not know he was going to a warehouse, per the documents he was supposed to be going to see a boat then to lunch. But, it was reported that Buju did state on the stand that he was being prosecuted for “talking shyt.”

    I believe him. But, a man of his caliber should not engage in such conversations, especially with total strangers. We have too much to up hold to be talking about whether he could get the “hook up” on something. 10 years is waaaay too much time for the dumb shyt Buju admits to.



  5. sumbudy says:

    it is ALWAYS an informant. These are THOUGHT CRIMES. the system creates the crime, many people sit in jail based on hearsay testimony, no evidence, it is sad that these men who are trying to gain favor to reduce their own sentence do these terrible things.

    free buju.


  6. Devon says:

    OK, an artiste like Buju should not have been associated with drug dealers and trying to invest in the white stuff especially since him sey him a Rasta…poor example for a dread who should be saying culture tings. But Ilike the Pracher dem seh, ‘Do as i say but don do as I do’ stands for all?

    Tell Buju him shoulda read the book on Drug dealing especially in Miami before him try fi think bout being a dealer…we a rasta and very embarrassed fi dem involvements and exposure to dealers..so a beaten Buju a get fi the wrong still so him hafe pay fi dat still even though we love him..just like we yuth dem..


    • First of all as the Confidential informant testified, Buju did not know what was going on, he tricked him into going into the Warehouse. And even the DEA who had Kingston under heavy surveillance at the time testified that there was no evidence of Buju Banton being involved in any type of activities like these. That is why they had to give him conspiracy charges for there was no physical evidence of such


  7. Devon says:



  8. Orville says:



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