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Vin and flag


Vin Martin, the former Jamaican Honorary Consul to Atlanta has died in Atlanta.  He served as Jamaica’s honorary Consul from 1997 until he retired last year after 16 years of dedicated service.

He was awarded the  Jamaica Diaspora Award of Excellence in 2013 for contributions to the development of the Jamaican diaspora in the United States.

Vin was born in Jackson Town, Trelawny and attended Excelsior High School before migrating in 1965 to the United States to attend College. He earned an undergraduate degree from Howard University (1969) in Washington D.C., an MBA (1972) in Finance and Investment from Pennsylvania State University and a Juris Doctorate (1976) from the Washington College of Law of the American University in Washington DC.

In 1972, Vin commenced work as an Accountant with Fannie Mae but upon graduation from law school, he was transferred to Atlanta and commenced work in Fannie Mae’s Atlanta legal department. After 30 years at Fannie Mae, he retired to open his own law practice in Stone Mountain.

Vin is survived by his wife, Hazel, their two sons and three grandchildren.

Courtesy of JAMATLANTA

Jamaica Diaspora Conference November 5 South FLorida

With the examples set by Occupy movements, African and Arab springs we have seen what can happen when affairs are left to the hands of the few. The Jamaican Diaspora is no different in this context. If we of the Jamaica Diaspora are not involved in the steering of our course, others will. As we have seen with the direction and receipt of benefits of our national treasures (music, coffee, airline, marketing of our athletes, even the flag etc), we have been largely absent on both sides.

We need to get involved and we need to make our voices heard and change this trend. When it comes to the Diaspora movement I always hear large amounts of misinformation and negative perspectives from Jamaicans, yet all Jamaicans, their descendants, and their families are part of the Diaspora! Let us change this narrative, let us get involved and let us become one of the successful Diasporas on the planet, to paraphrase our pledge let us truly play our “part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race”

Jason Walker