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Iris Johnson, my grandmother who I call Grandma Lum Lum, was a powerful lady who kept the immediate and extended family supported and together for as far back as I can remember. She left a legacy of power, dignity and strong ambition. She also showered us with pragmatic and unwavering love. She taught us to love each other and to love oursleves. She showed that you can demand better for self while making things better for those around us that we love. As a matter of fact it is only through empowering self that one can be of sue to others.

Grandma Lum Lum gave us a great example of being a foundation for the future and what it takes to help a family be in the best position for success. She was a no nonsense lady who found a way to make the impossible, possible. Now as Nalubaale, her great grand-daughter has come into the world we shall celebrate all that Grandma Lum Lum has given us and as such her great grand daughters Nalubaale, Mahoro Hadassah, Her Grandson Jason, Grand Daughter-In-Law Jamarah, her Daughter Edna Walker and all her extended family will grow in the foundation and legacy she has set to continue building on the power of family.

Grandma Lum Lum I love and miss you.

Jason Walker